Thursday, June 14, 2007

mi vida loca

so yesterday, i was reading on joce's blog about youtube. i said that i hardly ever use it, bc i know that if i did, i'd be addicted.

so yeah. after i read her post i hopped over there to check it out. i watched a few little clips here and there, and then i was like hm...i wonder if they have this old music video. and they did. so then that led to another and another.. well, you get the picture.

anways. what many ppl dont know about me is that i grew up in california..and i ran with a not so good crowd. gangs and that kind of retarded stuff. anyways my mom moved us here to utah to get me away from that life, and everday that i've been away i've been ever so grateful for the life she gave back to me. so anyways, yesterday i was looking up some old brown pride videos and i remembered this movie that came out in the early 90's, called 'mi vida loca'. and i looked it up on youtube and they had the ENTIRE movie on there. i was surprised to say the least, and so i watched it. anyways..whenever i tell ppl about my past, they can't imagine me living that way, or dressing how i described--and well, this movie summed up what it was like where i grew up. heres the first ten minutes.


*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

So are you addicted yet? lol What's addicting is looking at the thing you went there for, and then seeing all the little other videos associated with it, kwim? Like, I did a search for Jewel, and yeah, it brought up a bunch, but then I felt like I needed to watch all the others too! lol

And somehow, people's pasts don't surprise me much. I wanna see pics of you back then though!

Anilu Magloire said...

I'm gonna have to get that movie somewhere, I'm hooked.
I guess you're also Mexican, like me. Every time I see that life in movies, it's so hard for me to process it, some things are so close and some are so foreign.
The food, the speech, the family relationships... Those things I get. The violence, the struggle, is all "movie stuff" to me.
Thank God you had a Mom who knew it was time to leave.