Tuesday, January 08, 2008

got bored..

so the other day i was a little bored, and realized it had been awhile since i'd taken any self portraits. so kelly prompted me to take some; especially since i got my haircut about a month ago. yep. i'm sportin bangs. i think in the course of my 29 years on this planet, i've tried them quite a few times. but you see, me and bangs just dont get along. i dont know if its because they have attitude and just wont sit the way they are supposed to, or if its that i can't quite get used to them being semi in my eyes..and all over my forehead. so anyways, the bangs in these pics are brushed to the side, which is about as 'bangy' as i get. i like it because i look a little different, but not too different, kwim? change is fun sometimes. and now i really see the resemblance between olivia and i. funny it took bangs to see it!

and today, i recieved my very first studio calico kit. man. its pretty. and i really am in love with those collage press papers. seriously. i've played around a bit with some other lines, but i really love this grayson hall stuff. so..i have some pics printed, a new kit, and hopefully i'll actually make something out of the two!

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stephanie said...

a. can we discuss how gorgeous your eyes are?
b. love the hair.
just beautiful.

Anilu Magloire said...

Well your boredom has gorgeous results! You look amazing in those pics and I love the haircut. LOVE!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

dude! i had to do a triple take cuz that didn't even look like you! in a good way! you look so freakin hot! you were cute before, but man! i bet art loves it!

we gotta get together soon! eh?


2H Design said...

Wow - amazing photography & amazing eyes!

Jenni said...

I love the hair... and ditto to everyone about your eyes. :) What days might you be available to come and play?

Marissa said...

Holy Crap Monica!! Your hair looks so cute!! and the pics are great. You are definitely a beauty!