Sunday, September 24, 2006

(said like mrs. doubtfire)

today is a lazy day, so i thought i'd update the old blog. hehe.
lets see...i started volunteering in olivia's kindergarten class. a lot of fun, but dude. those kids are pretty dang hyper for 8 in the morning!
maya has been going with me when i go to help, and for the most part she
is really good. for the most part. lol.

i went to my very first crop ever on friday! met up with some moms from the local mommy mb at the scrapbook expo. totally had a blast cropping.i got six of my own lo's done and two for a friend of mine--for a total of 8!! yay me.
but seriously, the shopping was pretty lame. i was very dissapointed. its like every time i go there are less and less manufacturers there. ugh. only stores and they are mostly selling page kits. totally poopie.

however, there were a handful of good deals
::lil davis chipboard alphas for 2bucks
:: 7 gypsies chipboard alphas for 2bucks
:: umm, scenic route chipboard letters that were backwards for a buck. but i'm lazy and dont want to have to paint them. so i didnt buy any. however, in hindsight, i'm thinking i should've gotten some cuz i could've used them naked. they also had some of their chipboard sayings fora buck
::doodlebug buttons for a buck. doodlebug really big stickers for 2bucks
::lil davis packs of ribbon 3 for 6bucks
::MME distressed rub ons for a buck. which i only like the stitches ones tho. oh, and they had the pack of everday tango pp for like 20 bucks. for 300 sheets. i almost bought it. but i held out.
::they had all the new fancy pants..but i only bought some pp and the tags. they were not lower in price tho.
::new SEI doodly girl and boy and penelope something or other lol.

thats all i can think of right now. and now i'm gearing up for the MM warehouse sale that is coming up next week! so can't wait!!

in other news...i've been scrapping my heart out. so i have a bunch of lo's to share. i've not really been submitting anywhere. but now i'm thinking i'm gonna start up again.

also, its flippin cold here!! one day it was like 80 degrees and now its barely hitting 60! totally not cool cuz our furnace is broken. ugh. we are working on fixing that tho. so because its chilly here the baking bug has bitten me! mm i love pumpkin anything!! woo hoo for fall! and because its fall that means that my wedding anniversary is coming up! yikes! better start thinking of ideas lol.

anywho..i think thats enough! i'm gonna try to update more..but you know. i'm lazy. so no promises! hehe.


Keianna said...

Where are the Lo's???

Anonymous said...

I agree, and you did get some good deals. Glad you had fun.