Tuesday, October 10, 2006

time flies yo

so i was thinking that i just updated this like last week. lol. um..ya...my sense of time is not what it used to be. hehe.
so just a couple of updates::

so, my furnance is fixed, which is great. however, now that its warm in here i never want to go outside! i've been trying to take the kids to the park everday so they can enjoy it while they can..but really...i hate leaving the warmth.

my mom might be coming up after xmas which would be just fantastical. she wanted to be here for xmas..but thinking it might be better to wait till after the holiday rush. cant wait to see her..hug her..smell her hair. i know that sounds funny..but to me, smelling her hair is very calming. yep. i'm a dork. oh, and a momma's girl.

scrapping has slowed down a bit here...my mojo came and made an appearance briefly and then left just as fast. lol. it seems i'm not one of those scrappers that can scrap when they have a lot on their mind. i've been stressed out lately about some stuff and its definitely not letting me scrap. which is a bummer. cuz i want to scrap. ya..and it might help if i had some photos that i really wanted to do, so, i hereby pledge to start taking some pics!

olivia is still loving school...but i on the other hand am not loving volunteering..and neither is maya. so, i'm not doing that anymore. at least, not on a regular basis. i was beginning to feel like it was just expected that i be there everyday, and well i didnt like that. plus maya was not liking it very much..she was getting really bored, plus i couldnt watch her and do all this stuff that the teacher needed. so, we are back to our mornings together and i really prefer it that way!

anyhoo...i think thats enough of an update! heres a few lo's to check out!

one of olivia makin faces in the tv reflection..
just too cute.

here is maya and my least favorite expression of
hers..anytime she doesnt get what she wants...
'that means you dont love me'.
so manipulative at such a young age!

i was going to share another one..but blogger ate it.
poop on the blogger!

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