Monday, August 14, 2006

i hate coming up with titles.

so thats my title, deal with it.

so ya. this week is registration for olivia. and today she has an ear infection. i dont know how or where it came from. my kids have never had an ear infection before. so tomorrow i'm calling the dr first thing. and i hope its not serious. and i really hope its not gonna cost mucho dinero. my poor baby..

in other news...ya. there isnt any news lol.
art is off work till next week. so its nice having him around. the kids really missed him while he was at work.

i made a slew of cards today for a dt submission. and ya. i got my grubby little hands on the new BG Romani. can i get holla for how stinkin rad this stuff is?! i mean whoa. this stuff is the biz-omb!
also have the new cosmo cricket. yes! and some new cherry arte. yes!
yes. i am in paper heaven. thank goodness i didnt have to die for it. lol

here is one that is for no other purpose than
to use the new Romani. yum yum!!

here is one using the new romani
and some new cherry arte
love it. :D

and finally a lo of me using the new
cosmo cricket!! this stuff. man. it rocks
i need more! like yesterday. hehe.


danielle said...

Gorgeous layouts. I also love getting new paper. Hummm maybe I need to go place an order....tfs Danielle

Nat said...

Those LOs are sooo gorgeous and I love the Cricket paper - want them NOW ;-)

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Where are you getting this paper? Memories in Bountiful??? I want some new BG! Email me!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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