Thursday, August 10, 2006

yo..tgif peoples!!

so today was the day..the great heist on my kids! hehe.
art had to work half the day..then he came home and we told them if they were good we'd go to the park.
so ya. we packed them up and headed on up to lagoon (its an amusement park..dont know what to compare it to..maybe like knotts?)..anyways..
maya sees the rides and shes like this:
mom!! its magoon(lagoon)
i say: thats LAgoon
maya:are going dere(there)
i say:um no. daddy i just thought it would be fun to drive around and look at the rides

we are soo evil!! hehe. i luurve it.
we had a blast..the kids went on every kiddie ride and then some. then we ate..and ya. im still suffering. hehe.

so the whole pic thing. ya. i told kelly that i knew i'd forget the camera. so before i left today, she was all reminding me, right. so i bring the camera. i didnt forget this time. but ya. we get there and it wont let me take any more pics..someting about the memory being full..and i was like no freakin way! ya. I FORGOT THE DANG MEMORY CARD!!!
grr to me! so i have like 15 pics. and thats it. but now i have to figure out how to get them off the camera and into my computer with no memory card. sooo..maybe tomorrow!

so i'm uber tired. but i stayed up to play with my paper posies kit which came today..and i scrapped a pic of my bff arlene and her dd hanna.
such yummy cherry arte! oo and i am sharing my lo for the effers lss.

peace out!

this is my uber hot bff carolyn. she is super duper buff. and ya. thats new bohemia :)

here is the grin that i'm in love with
oo and the new cherry arte rub ons are like
buttah!! luurve em!


Toni said...

Very CUTE LO's!

Adrienne said...


Sophia C. said...

Great layouts and a very fun surprise! Lagoon is just too fun! Your post makes me want to hop in the van and head south! Have a great day!


Colleen said...


woo freakin hoo man

and can i just say
paper posies

Anonymous said...

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