Saturday, August 05, 2006


so. yesterday was rad. today was rad. nothing extra special..but i did get my hands on the new MME Bohemia line!! whooo freakin hoo! seriously. i found a place online that had it so i ordered some. but then i had to go the lss to get some ya. i walk in and low and behold there it is right in freakin front of me!!! so ya better believe i bought a ton! lol. cuz this lss that i went to..they are an EVERYTHING is 30% off!!! HECK YES!

today was super fun. spent it hanging with carolyn..went to lunch, went to old navy and got some cute tshirts for like 3.99 a piece. then went and got a frap..then came home and had a lil photoshoot..soo freakin funny. seriously i almost peed my pants several times. lol. got some great pics..okay i lie. i got like 216 pics. hehe.

so here's a cpl lo's..and have a happy weekend!!

here is one of maya i did just for funsies. lol

and here ladies and the uber fabu lo using the bohemia line!! pure flippin genius with this. i mean whoever designed this--man they rock and i thank them muchly!!


Nat said...

Beautiful LOs!!

Amy Sorensen said...

mmmmm...I love that line. Your layouts are gorgeous! And I think I'll have to check out my Old Navy, I love it when their Ts go on sale, so thanks for the reminder!

Renee said...

Cute Layouts!

Colleen said...

love the last one

and rad is a very under used word. i miss rad. gonna start saying it again

your momma said...

wow, cute cute cute!!!! Maya looks so adorable. Love it love it love it.