Thursday, December 13, 2007

hello december..

seriously, can we just rewind back to october? this year has just gone by terribly fast. especially the last 13 days. today i'm no longer the mama to a little girl and young lady. today, i'm the mama to 2 young ladies. yes. maya is 5 today! i can't believe it. something about her just always made me think that she would always be my baby. and i know she will be..but i dont know if i'm ready for her to grow up just yet. i could definitely settle for a slow down. so today she is having a cupcake party in her her pre-k class, while i tend to olivia having head lice. grr. but now thats all taken care of :)

after i pickup maya, we are coming home so that olivia can make her a special birthday card, then its off to toys R us. maya has been anxiously awaiting this day so that she can pick out a toy. then i think we might have a fun birthday lunch. we dont typically celebrate big on the actual birthday, since it usually lands during the week. so sunday will be the party day. lots of stuff to do today, fun stuff thankfully.

last night i made a few christmas cards..and i might actually get them sent out before xmas! here are a few::


Going For Greatness said...

Oh! I feel the SAME way! I even posted a similar post on my blog about how quickly it's December already!!
Happy Birthday Maya!! My oldest will be 6 in January and it freaks me out! My little one will be 4 in a couple weeks. WHERE does the time GO?!
Oh yeah.. our kindergarten has 3 cases of headlice right now too.. I think it's just going around..... *ugH* thankfully my daughter hasn't gotten it. I pray that she doesn't! I would dread it. Her hair is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THICK and full that it would make me crazy to have to treat it all!!!
Happy December!

Jenni said...

Yay... Maya and my baby Dylan have the same birthday! Happy birthday to her.

I'm sorry to hear about the lice, Ameliah had it when she was almost 3. It was horrible- I truely hope to never have them again!

I wish my life wasn't so insane busy, so we could actually get together. Maybe after the holidays?

Jenni. :)

Katie, Rex, and Brendan said...

Happy Birthday Maya! They grow up WAY too fast don't they? BTW, very cute cards. Can you teach me to be talented like you? lol