Friday, March 30, 2007

the routine..

loved the idea of the challenge over at the pub..whats your normal?
for me..its complicated of course lol. my schedule/routine changes when i have to work
but, i still try to have a routine anyways. get olivia up for school, feed/play with olivia with homework; check my email, mommy board and pea :D and somewhere in there i manage to do some laundry and maybe dishes lol. yes, i'm lazy and would rather indulge myself/and the girls with much more fun things than chores ;) everyday for lunch i either have a turkey sandwich or a pb&j. maya always has bologna. she is a child of routine! its pretty funny actually. every morning she has either toast or a bagel--never ever cereal. nope, no way. she wont hear of it.
olivia on the other hand, likes to have variety..everyday she likes to have a different kind of cereal, or maybe a poptart. and for lunch she likes different things too--sometimes she'll have bologna..but its really more of a last resort. her first choice is always a quesadilla, or mac n cheese, sometimes pb&j. and lately shes been liking hot pockets lol. but never leftovers. try as i might, she wont touch them. can't really say i blame her tho, i hate leftovers too. dont know why..but i do. i guess she gets that from me huh? once its about 4pm..i start doing more housework, since thats about the time i need to start getting dinner ready and making sure art is up (yes, hes still working nights! grrr) we usually sit down to eat dinner about 5:30-6 so that art can leave about 6:45ish. then its just me and the girls again. sometimes we'll watch tv together, but thats getting pretty rare. they'd rather listen to music and get rowdy since i usually try to keep them pretty quiet while art sleeps. and let me tell aint easy keeping 2 girls quiet for that long lol. by 8:30 they are pretty tuckered..and they head to bed. then i get a little bit of time to myself before i head to bed at around 11ish. i used to sb at night..but lately i've not been in the mood so i've been organizing instead hehe.

so yeah. thats my days in a nutshell. nothing exciting. but its my life. and i love it. :) i love that i get to be home with my girls most days..just chillaxin. thats the best.

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