Monday, April 09, 2007

que hora es?

those were the words muttered from my very sloshed husband last night
as he was being carried into our house by a family member. it was so funny..he just kept saying it over and over..hehe. should've taken pics
of it..but i guess that was the last thing on my mind ;)

so yesterday was easter, did the usual hunt/egg fight..then after dinner
some of us stayed behind to play cards...and whomever lost that hand
had to take a shot of tequila--so hence the husband sitch. thank god
we only live 2 houses away and can walk home! lol i think art was in a
celebratory mood bc saturday was his last official day(night) of being
on the night shift!! wahoo! he is definitely happy for that ..but also
bc wednesday marks the last day of working for that company..and he
is very excited to be starting with a new company next week. things around here are going to be so much better having him on a normal
schedule. the girls and i can hardly wait!

oh, and did i mention that olivia absolutely, flat out refused to join
in the egg hunt/fight? so unusual for her. and i kept asking her why as
she cried into my side...and her response "i just dont want to be happy!!"
oh geez i thought. and i said fine. then dont be happy and we can just
watch everyone else having a great time. about 15minutes later she
was back to regularly scheduled we were happy for that, needless to say. lol here are a few pics of that glorious moment::

and yes..those are my 'girls' and my belly you see next to my unhappy
girl. blech. anyways..i dont know if other families do this..but that confetti you see in her hair is from the egg fight she refused to be part of.
what we do is carefully extract the yolk from the egg, then clean them out..about a week before easter we fill the eggs with confetti and flour..and after the hunt we attach each other with them. it really is great
messy fun :)
i got my april scrapologie kit on saturday and have cranked out
a few lo's that maybe i'll share tomorrow..and i just got the may mid month kit from crop addict..and its so cute. can't wait to get to work on
that this week. or maybe i'll save it for the expo on friday.
i think this is my longest post ever! geesh.


stephaniehowell said...

haha, que hora es?
so funny. and i've had to deal with the sloshed hubby situation more than once..believe me.
good times.

Lorrie said...

Your confetti Easter Egg fight sounds like soo much fun!!