Thursday, March 29, 2007

i dont like being teased

i really dont. especially when it has to do with the weather! last week it was all
nice and in the 60-70's. which totally gets me in the mood for shopping.
ok i wont lie..i dont need a reason to get in the mood to shop. but really, warm weather=new sandals.
for reals. like these ones::

but um yeah. it suddenly got super ass cold. and it pretended to snow. which is fine..bc then
i dont have to shovel. ok you caught me. i dont shovel. but at least i dont have to bug art to
shovel bwahahaaha. so now its supposed to be nice again this weekend and i cant wait.
oh and those shoes up there..arent they cute? but yeah. they are $75 ouch! yep. so i'm on
this quest to find shoes similar to that but for waaaaay less. lol. i'm thinking i might hit up
old navy for these..bc they are kinda similar, but not really lol ::

so thats whats on my mind today. oh, and the new hambly. but yeah. can't find those birdes, chandeliers or robots anywhere!! if you know where to find it..hook a sista up! please! :D


Balou said... > Women > Shoes > Wedges... they have very similar ones.

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Very cute!

Laura Fiore said...

Hey cutie!! You would look totally hot in those shoes...either pair...and just think, you wouldn't even have to keep your toes neat for the ones from Old Navy!!

So glad to hear from you today. Hope it stays warm for you! Hugs, kisses, prayers for your mom...all of it for you my friend!!

Breanne Crawford said...

i have those one's from old navy! theyre So cute!! (and not too terribly uncomfortable!)