Tuesday, March 27, 2007

you spin me right round baby..right round...

so in my absence..i've been somewhat crafty. not like super..but ya. you know what i mean. i just finished this little spinning rack yesterday with arts help. and i guess its not really little either. its about 40inches high i think. i'm not good with measurements lol. so i spent most of last night getting all my embellies on there..and its kinda making me want to scrap. which is good :) and um ignore the crooked pic.

the other crafty thing i did was this::

picked it up at the DI for a buck. it was navy blue. and actually pretty cute. but i really felt like painting i guess lol. so here it is in all its bad picture/lighting glory. i love all the buttons. and i love the color combo. not that it matches anything in my scrap area. but whatev! i dig it.
i feel like i'm hungover. like i slept like crap last night..and yeah. i'm feeling it right now. not to mention that this weekend just tore me up. saturday me and a friend from the mommy board did a sb garage sale..and yeah. after that we did an all night crop. yes we are insane lol. it was fun..but really freakin exhausting. but on the bright side i made some cash and got about 8 lo's done! wahoo me! :D sunday my friend c came over and we chilled and had bbq bc the weather was just fab. it was so nice to just sit on the front lawn drinkin our chai teas and pretending that we were anywhere but at my house listening to our kids argue lmao. it was priceless. then yesterday i got this ginormous bug up my butt to deep clean the house. yep. so yeah, my house was pretty and sparkling for about 2 seconds. blech.
anyways..i'm off to pickup olivia from school, whom by the way has another loose tooth! i cant believe it!!
ooh and today is c's bday. gotta a cute card in mind for her..and then we will celebrate this weekend.
ciao! :D

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sabrina said...

would you mind passing on instructions on how you made your clip it up, or at least where you bought the materials?