Thursday, March 08, 2007

i am so tired of this funk i'm in dude. i mean, i really seriously dont even feel like myself. i really hope that i'll feel better once its not winter. or maybe i'll get out of my funk when we find out whats going on with my momma. so far the news is getting better. :)

did this scrappage last night for dare 60. i dig it. took those pics yesterday in the back yard while the girls were swinging. such a pretty day. i even did some weeding. well actually, the 3 of us girls did some weeding. they are such good helpers! so i took them to mcd's as a reward after we were done. but before we went to mcd's i wanted to stop by the store and pick up a mag to look at. unfortunately there were not any out that i didnt already have! doh! hehe. so i stopped by 2 other stores before i found one i didnt have--which happened to be memory makers. i dont know why..but i just dont dig on that mag too much. too much writing, too many ads and just not enough lo's. ok, so i do know why i dont dig on it. lol.

the challenge on the pub today was to take a pic of the stuff inside your purse and post it. but i'm working, so no cam. i guess a list will have to do!

  • wallet with too many reciepts and not enough money. go figure! lol
  • cranberry body butter
  • bottle of water
  • strawberry poptart (breakfast )
  • checkbook
  • make up bag with my mac compact and my new fave mac lipgloss called viva glam
  • cellphone
  • eyeglass cleaner
  • eye drops (for my dry contacts lol)
  • a few pink ponytail holders
  • 3 bobby pins
  • mirror
  • 3 more lipglosses (yes i'm addicted, 2 of them are pinkarat, cuz one is almost empty. and the other one is tutti dolci in cinnamon frosting)
  • hairspray
  • 2 packages of gum (well technically, only one. cuz the one package only has one piece left in it)
  • my nano (when i say nano, it makes me think of mork and mindy. when mork would say 'nanoo nanoo!')
  • a pen
  • some aunt flo products (ugh)
  • black raspberry vanilla antibacterial lotion
  • hand sanitizer (cuz i'm a mom and germ freak sometimes)

and there you have it. i carry everything but the kitchen sink lol.

happy thursday!

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Keianna said...

I see that you added somemore cards to your shop. Awesome job. I wrote about you on my blog. Hope you don't mind :-)