Thursday, March 01, 2007

thursday blah..

this lovely little number is a lift of the fab marcilambert, who has stepped down from doing the load. gonna miss her.
i'm feelin blah. maybe its the weather. i dont know.
i even wore a bright yellow shirt today to cheer me up and it didnt work. oh and the new kits are up at poppy ink and scrapologie and even those didnt cheer me up. geez! however, the kits for april at zingboom have certainly got my attention..

maybe i'm feelin all off because i've been off running errands and whatnot the last few days, so i havent been able to just be home and chillax. cuz right now i'm really missing that. which is ironic because i usually can't wait to get out of the house lol.

this week i did some shopping--got the girls some new jeans because olivia has just been tearin hers up lately. bunch of holes in the knees. drives me batty lol. went to the huge macy's sale here in town, got some fab boots for like 10bucks, a couple of shirts and a george forman grill. i think that was the best purchase all week--art loves that thing! the first thing we made was burgers, and man, they were thick and delicious. then yesterday he grilled up some sliced turkey breast for me and the girls, and he had porkchops. gotta love it when i dont have to cook! hehe

got some sad news from my mom the other day. and i dont know if i'm ready to share it right now since we dont know exactly whats going on..but it is health if you could send some p&pt that would be awesome.

k, i'm out.


*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Aww, sorry about your mom! And sorry for the's not helping that it snows every night, is it? I'm ready to be done with winter!

Susie said...

will pray for your mom! cute layout! found you through the ring!!

Anonymous said...


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