Monday, January 22, 2007

its a card thing..

went cropping on friday, made 14 cards. which really aint much. but if you consider that i spent the first 3 hours chit chatting, and the last hour scrappin, its actually probably good lol.

went scrappy shopping on saturday with becki.. and that was a blast! we went to the memories store in bountiful, then went to a little store in the avenues, but unfortunately we missed them by about 15mins. darn! so i'll have to try to remember to make it up there next time i head out. we also went to heartland and pebbles because both stores were having sales...and they were pretty good. got stuff i didnt really need, but really wanted :)

oh, and went to joanns to pick up some felt so i can make my own shapes, cuz i'm not liking paying 8.50 a bottle for flowers!! however, .14cents a sheet i like a lot! lol.

so theres a new addition over there on the sidebar----->
called 'its a card thing'. thats my etsy shop where i'll be selling some cards! i've been selling them here and there for a while, and then my friend kelly suggested i check out etsy and setup i did! its pretty cute and doesnt have much in it, but i hope to be adding at least 1-3 cards a day to it, so check them out please :) the card up there ^^ is one that is there now :)
hope ya have a great monday!


Mandy Ford said...

Love your etsy shop...the cards are fab! I created a shop a year or so ago and haven't really kept up with it...need to add some new stuff. :)

Keianna said...

Good luck with the new business venture. Women are smart, creative and incrdible beings :-)

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

i think i saw you at heartland... i wasn't 100% sure so i didn't say anything, but now that you say you were there, it must have been you. amber and i were there cropping. lol small world, huh?

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say hey
so "hey"!

Lynn Anne said...

I should BE so inspired with the cards. Ecch. Will check out your ETSY card thing!