Friday, January 19, 2007

.this is mike.

this picture is heeeelarious. seriously. this is mike. he and art have been best friends since like, i dont know. junior high i think. anyhoo. mike is a very unique individual, to say the least lol. hes you know, average height, buddha belly. navajo indian. i call him the big fat indian. he loves the name. and recognizes that its a term of endearment. and hes a hardcore rocker to his very bones. seriously. even drives a trans am. hehe.
this pic was taken at olivia's bday party this summer, and someone was making balloon animals. well, this one came out lookin a little naughty, if you kwim..and he put it on and was rockin out. hehe. it was so dang funny. im so glad i got a pic of it.
so yesterday i pouted. i wanted to eat out. and art didnt. now, we dont eat out often, and usually when we do, its just someplace like wendys. nothing fancy. if you know me, then you know, that when i get an idea in my head, my mind is made up and i want it like yesterday lol. sounds a little silly when it comes to talking about food, but hey. its fast. its easy. and there are no dishes to do afterwards. which are all perfect reasons to eat out if you ask me. lol. so i called him early in evening, so that he wouldnt make dinner. but he didnt answer. so i text him. and no response. so finally i get a hold of him about 30 mins before i get off work. now in my head, i knew that he had already made dinner. but i was just hanging on to this small thread of hope, that he hadnt and we could eat out. but no. he made spaghetti. and i pouted. all night actually. well unless you consider this pouting lol. anyways, what got me thinking about this, was a post on 2ps about your 5 favorite restaurants, which led me to think about what to have for lunch today...and then ya. so i thought i'd list my faves.

1.mimis (love love the turkey dinner, as well as the yummy raisin bread)

2.the other place (a very cozy greek cafe. chicken pasta salad to die for!)

3.desert edge brewery (cool little brewery, i go there for the chef salad..yummo!)

4.spaghetti factory (cheap. great meatballs. whoa. that sounds a little dirty hehe.)

5.wienerschnitzel (dont laugh at me, but man. i looooove the chili cheese dogs there!! so freaking good.)

so there ya have it. my little rant for the day. and now that i've made this list, i'm hungry..but have no clue still what to do for lunch lol.


EquineSpirit said...

Sounds like a great group of restaurants!!

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

What a great page of Mike! You do amazing stuff. Love your work.

And you go and pout away girl! We're entitled to - we're gals, right! Seriously, I hope you get to go and eat at one of those great-sounding places real soon.

MichelleLanning said...

hehe-- too funny - what a great moment to scrap!!!

I am soo with you on the dinner thing -----:)

Keianna said...

My hubby and I eat out all the time. My fave restaurant is The Melting Pot: it is a fondue restaurant and very romantic.