Wednesday, January 17, 2007

dont you want to be rich and famous?

this is what olivia said to maya, after counting all their change in their piggy bank, maya suggested they go to 7-11 and get a treat....but olivia said no. how will we be rich and famous if we spend our money?!
hehe. man. the things kids say. too bad i can't save money the way she does :P

so its been a week of adjustment around here with art being on nights. its not too bad. i mean, hes home during the day. which the kids like. but. hes not here at night. duh. and i hate sleeping alone. and really, i'm really really afraid of the dark. in fact. i hear noises. maybe even dead people. seriously. why is it, that when i'm home alone, thats when i hear freaky noises?!! why?! i mean. hello! i'm an insomniac. and i get spooked easily. so you know this girl aint sleeping much without the hubs around. ugh. this is going to be a looooooong 6 weeks.

and before i need to go check out color your memories cuz my designs are up people!! this kit is soo cute! loved playing with all the primas, thickers and dream street papers! super fun and sweet for valentines.
oh, and that layout up there ^^^^^ is of maya. that picture has been sitting on my desk since LAST YEAR. seriously. no joke. i just never got around to scrapping it till today. and can i tell you how much i love that modern romance by daisy d's?! seriously in love with it. seriously seriously. dude, i think i like that word.
anyhoo, going scrappy shopping this weekend since there are a few sales going on at heartland and pebbles. can't wait. i'm going with some mommies from the slc mommies board , so if you live in or around the slc area, you should definitely check this message board out! i've made lots of friends and i love all the support there. its greatness.

ok i think i've rambled enough. have a lovely thursday :D


Laura Fiore said...

like this comment right here??? Is that what you're talking about? I checked out your awesomely cute (see, I love seriously, but I am stuck on awesomely! must be an 80's thing!) layouts for your guest DT!!! Love them, love you! Wish I could come scrap with you at night, so you wouldn't hear all the noises. I'm super tough, so I could scare away anything...even the dead people!

milkcan said...

I get freaked out when I'm home alone too. I always think someone is in the apartment!

Lorrie said...

I understand the freaked out thing. The only time my house ever makes any of those noises is when DH is out of town. Any other time it's completely silent!