Wednesday, January 10, 2007

dont talk..just listen

uh ya. so i got my haircut...and i didnt like it. so i went back and had it cut again. and so far..i think i like it. i had it cut into an a-line..its cute. but hard for me to get used to.
anyhoo..i've been scrappin, but can't share what i'm working on just yet. art is going to nights next week! ugh. i hate when hes on nights. i hate sleeping alone. i'm scared of the dark lol. gonna be interesting for me to work when hes on nights, but we're gonna try to make it work. (whoa, that sentence had the word 'work' in it a lot.)

hope everyone's doing good!

this lo is for this weeks effer scrap about last year, or the new year.


Anonymous said...

love the haircut and that page
and i didn't think i was scared of the dark
until my husband was out of town
and you may have seen me
because i did just buy a car

Keianna said...

Cute LO, so artsy.