Wednesday, July 05, 2006

is it friday yet?

is it me, or is this week incredibly long? ok. maybe its just me. i didnt get a day off..but then i dont work ;) so technically everyday is friday. or saturday rather.

i didnt do a dang thing today. nothing. nada. oh wait. i lie. i did do 1 and half lo's for Diversity. but thats it. nothing else. i'm just not feeling like doing anything..i think i need more rest. my throat still freakin hurts!! geez its like going on a week already. i guess it would help if i took some medicine on a regular basis tho huh? hehe..
ok, so the challenge on the pub is to blog about manners..manners you were taught as child..etc. how have they changed.

so for me..i was taught that children should be seen and not heard. i was taught never to interrupt ppl speaking. i was taught that i respect all my elders as if they were god. i was taught to *always* knock on the door before entering any room. always say please and thank you. speak when spoken to. never ever talk back to my mom. ever. never disresepect my mom. especially in front of other ppl. always be polite and act grownup when there was company over. never ever touch anything when we went places. always ask permission to use the restroom/for a drink when out. never walk on the neighbors lawn. never speak to adults (company) unless they speak to me first.

okay, thats all i can remember at the moment..but i'm sure there are a ton more. my mom was very strict with me. she was a single i'm sure that made the job double hard. i always thought i was a good kid..cuz you know she put the fear of god in me! i dont feel like the manners have changed for me. i mean, i still do all of those things..except, i'm the adult now so i can speak when i'm not spoken to ;)

what i've noticed as far as trying to instill that in my kids. i mean, i think i'm prob just as mean as my mom was back then..but my kids just dont get it. granted, they are still young. but i feel like when i was a kid i was way more mature than my kids are now. and maybe thats because i was an only child. or maybe my mom was meaner lol. (sorry mom, but you know i love ya!)

art is the same way as me..his parents are very old school in their parenting beliefs...and while i believe that you do have to make adjustments for the change in the times..i also believe that there are 'core' manners that are a must! like for instance. the kids in my neighborhood are freakin brats. they walk down the street eating their chips..or ice cream or soda...they notice they are done eating/drinking..and just drop whatever container it is. right there. on the ground. RUDE!! they cuss. a lot. in front of me. they dont use crosswalks..ok, i dont know if that is having manners or not..but i'll tell ya. i'm gonna run one of them over just cuz one of these days. they think they own the freaking road playing soccer or whatever. lets see...with my kids i notice they interrupt ppl talking a lot. especially when i'm on the phone or have company over. its like having company over gives them free rule to act as horrid as possible. its so embarrassing. and i swear my kids aren't really that bad..i think they just like to see if they can get away with it. my youngest..maya. she is gonna be trouble!! she talks back. she calls me stinky. but i dont know why! lol. oh and she sticks her tongue out at me when she is being reprimanded. that would've been a giant no no when i was a kid. and its still a giant no no..but i dont know how to get her to stop!

ok..well that was a ginormous post. i had no idea i had so much to say bout manners! lol. and now you all think my children are psycho horrible and that i'm like crazy demanding! but i swear neither is true!

peace out ya'lls!


Sophia C. said...

Knocking on doors and not touching. Those were big things for my mother, as well. I tell my babes as we go places today, "Look with your eyes, not with your hands." Talking back and kids raising their voices today would never have rolled way back when, but I think a lot of it is from the movies. The Freaky Friday scene with the girl yelling at her mother still gets me going. Oh, no, I'm still ranting and it's morning! LOL Great post, thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Renee said...

Your Mom sounds a lot like my Mom. BTW, can't wait to see your Diversity layouts. You are 1/2 layout ahead of me.

Colleen said...

girl, this is a seriously long week

your mom is like my mom too
i wonder if i'll be that way

Anonymous said...

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