Saturday, July 08, 2006


so i'm still sick. ick. ick ick. hehe. i like to rhyme. i have a new lo..and with it my mojo is back!! last night i was up until almost 4 trying to finish up on a swap---yes. i'm the worst kind of procrastinator! lol. i've known about it for like a month, but why do today what i can put off until next month i always say. lol

yesterday i got the most awesome ss package evah!! Shantay, you are the bestest!! I *heart* you--you were totally so generous!! over generous if you ask me..and you said i still have another package!?! craziness. so i used what she sent me to make this lo from yesterday.

i have a ton of packages to mail out here's to hoping i make it to the post office before they close ;) later tonight art and i are going on a date yay! actually, its more of an early celebration of his bday which is this coming wednesday. but he works that night so we are going to dinner and then to see Pirates of the Caribbean!!

happy saturday!

peace out!!


pr31wb said...

Cute LO!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

You got spoiled girlie! That is some goodie package!!! WOW!!!

Miss Carrie said...

Wowsa! All those goodies look so fun and that LO rocks!

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