Monday, July 10, 2006

the abc's of mo...

i have some new lo's to share today! yippee! i actually scrapped 2 in one day :0

the challenge in the pub today was to do the abc's of me and to post a pic..but since one of the lo's has a pic of me, i'm not posting one hehe.

a:: artistic. argumentative. ambitious.
b:: bitchy. brunette
c:: creative. caring. chatterbox
d:: debate lover. dancer *when no one is watching*
e:: eclectic. expressive.
f:: fashionista. friend. foxy! hehe
g:: goal oriented. glamorous <----kelly said so
h:: hot headed. home maker
i:: intelligent. imaginative. inquisitive. insane.
j:: joker. jealous.
k:: kind. kids. or at least i have them. hehe.
l:: loving. lazy.
m:: MAC lover!! mother.
n:: nosey!!!
o:: observant. open minded.
p:: punctual
q:: questioner of everything
r:: right! hehe. thats what art would say!
s:: sexy. sassy. shopaholic
t:: trustworthy. trusting. too much so.
u:: unique. at least i think so.
v:: vibrant!!
w:: wife. worrier. weird
x:: umm...x? hehe
y:: young :P
z:: zany.

and thats me folks!!


laura O'Donnell said...

great job with the ABC's and I love the layouts!

Adrienne said...

Love the ABC's!

Chiara said...

totally love your list

Anonymous said...

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