Monday, July 17, 2006


hehe. i feel like its been forever since i blogged! i guess it kinda has been tho. i hate weekends..cuz i just dont have a normal schedule. oh well.
this weekend was busy with a bday party for art and my was a lot of fun..and really wet! we had water guns and people getting thrown in the pool! total fun, and yes, i forgot my camera. again. i'm horrible!!

i did a cpl lo's for the dare and one for the hmitm challenge. and can i just say that the dare was really fun. i would never have thought to scrap my catch phrase..'fo rizzle'! and i also say 'yo' a lot. i dont know why. maybe i was supposed to be a rapper. lol. i even have my kids saying it hehe. i'm so eveeeeeel.

nothing much to report besides the fact that its hot as we are staying indoors for the most part. totally crappy for the kids cuz they are dying to get out..but its just too hot. and the toys are hot. vicious cycle.

oh and a cpl of these lo's are for the dt at enjoy!!

peace out!!


melissa said...

rockin layouts!! :)

its super hot here in AZ too..yuck!

Adrienne said...

It is SO hot in ALABAMA!!!!!

Toni said...

GREAT LO's there girlie!

Sherri said...

GREAT work! My fave is the 2nd one!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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