Saturday, July 29, 2006

is it saturday already?

man. this week was draggin..and then BAM! its saturday. i've been cleaning too much today. i need to stop or someone will think i'm sick hehe.
so, i've not blogged much this week. i have no reason why..except that i haven't been scrapping much either. i dont know why. maybe its too hot or something.
anyways..thought i would use the topic challenge i saw on the gs board--have you ever been to a crop, what was it like..etc.
so i've never been to a crop..but i have been to some classes. but that was forever ago. it was ok. i mean the teacher was fine..i just didnt fit in. at least i didnt feel like i did. everyone knew eachother from their ward and well, i'm catholic. so ya. anyways. i dont do crops for 2 reasons: i'm lazy. i dont know how i would pick out and then haul my stuff somewhere. basically just that i'm lazy. the other reason is that i dont know if i could get any scrappin done if i was talkin the whole time! besides that. i'm kinda shy in person when i first meet ppl or if i dont know them at all i tend to be super duper quiet. so wouldnt that defeat the purpose? i think so. anyways..thats my story about crops/lss.
i got a few lo's done over the week, nothing fancy.
oh, and i tried my hand at digi..i cant remember if i mentioned that before..but dude it totally drained me trying to figure it out. so i'm taking a break from that cuz i couldnt get my brain to bend around all the things that need to be done or whatever. so i think that trying to figure that out like drained my mojo or something.

the scraplyric thingy. first multiphoto lo in a super long time. wasnt i cute? hehe

for the hmitm#7
about olivia's buddy/blanket :D

happy weekend everyone!!

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Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing your crop/classes story. I just went to my very 1st crop and it was very nice. The owners of the store were TERRIFIC! and the other ladies from 2 peas that attended were FANTASTIC. We are going to do this once a month. I had a great time and was able to get some great ideas and get some of my lo's done.