Tuesday, July 25, 2006

hello peoples!

here it is. evening once again. its dark and semi quiet. and way past my bedtime. but not too past my bedtime lol. my back and my neck and my shoulders hurt. i think the culprit is this dang computer!! it sucks me in i swear!
so yesterday i recieved my mom's bday present to me...PSE 4.0 and a webcam! woo hoo. so ya. i knew it was gonna be hard to figure out the whole digi scrapping thing. but man. does my head hurt. i've studied every tutorial i can freakin find. and ya. i'm not making much progress. tho, i did make my very first digi lo. and its super simple...but hey. at least i did one!! no big plans this week...just counting down the days till art will be off nights and we can live a normal life again.

also, on a bit of a side note...i super duper appreciate all the comments that are left..and i would super love to respond/reply back to you guys..but i dont know how!! ugh. so, if you want to tell me how, i would be more than happy!! so please please please dont think i'm a rude blogger!! i heart all of you!!

also...super big thanks to all of you who left me happy birthday wishes and to those gals who lifted me on 2ps--thank you so mucho!! i loved seeing all your guys' work!! i felt so special!

oh and i have no freakin idea why that one lo is there 3x. i only uploaded it once..and i couldnt delete the others..hmm. i think blogger no likey me today lol.


Adrienne said...

LOL, blogger liked your lo! LOL

elizabeth said...

oh love the lo.

great blog :)

found you through jocelynne :)