Sunday, July 30, 2006


i'm lame lately. and i dont know why. i've not had any mojo to scrap the last little bit and sucks ass. i NEED to create. i HAVE to. and i just CANT.
ugh. its poopie i tell ya.
so today..i'm going thru my gallery..from the very beginning. you know, just checking out how my style has changed..and you know what i noticed? that most of my lo's all look the same!! that is freakin lame!!
and the thing that bugs me the most is that i do all these challenges like hmitm,the dares that i can be pushed outside my box and its not working! i mean, its not the challenge thats to be blamed.its all me!! dur.
so i need to be pushed. i need a new way of thinking. but how do i get it. i need some inspiration, right? so i think..well i will go check out my BOS. ya. so i go. i click on peanuts. and BAM, nothing!!
and i'm like, wtf?! nothing? i had like 4 pages of peanuts yesterday. and now its empty and i dont know why!! grr. much for that idea. and now i have to try to remember who was in there!! freak. i'm mad.
and now i am peanut-less as well as inspiration-less. poop i tell ya. its poop.
so. no news beyond my whining..except to say that art is finally on his last week of nights!! yayness!! i soo can't wait to go to bed with him. whoa. that sounds naughty. and thats not even how i meant it lol.
also, olivia is going to the dentist tomorrow..the last appt we need in order to get registered for kindergarten. whoa. thats creepin up on me. sadness. are a cpl lo's i did recently:

my very first digi. its poopie. but its my first ;)

this weeks effer :D


Colleen said...

you are not poopie
stop it
you are the
don't make me come up there chica

Adrienne said...

Cute stuff!

Keianna said...

Your digi LO is cool. It is addictive. I tried one and now I am doing a whole book of me digi style.

your momma said...

you know, your stuff just keeps getting better. I remember this pic of me, I didn't like it, but you made it look so much better. I love you for that, and so much more.

Anonymous said...

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