Friday, July 21, 2006

yup its late

hello its like almost 3 in the morning!! yikola!!
so my kids went to the rodeo today..gotta love the days of 47 in utah! its like a 5 day holiday here right lots of fun stuff going on this weekend. while the kids were out i went to play with carolyn lol. we hit up a lss, then went to mimi's for dinner. it was nice to be sans kids for a little bit. i got a couple of lo's done..but meh. i dont think my mojo's back yet. one is a scraplift of kelly..and the other is for carolyn--its her sons bday tomorrow..or um today as the case may be. lol
not many plans for this is off tomorrow so we will prob bum around the house..then saturday im scrappin all day long at the pub!! there is going to be a CHA thingy goin on and i can't wait to get my scrap on!! lots of yummy prizes to play for..but mostly i'm just lame and have no life, so i will be there all day! my head hurts for the freakin sdlkjdsf day in a row!!! ugh. i need some excedrin cuz the aleve aint workin!

peace out!!


Adrienne said...

Nice LO's!

Keianna said...

love the circle LO