Monday, April 06, 2009

and then..

so the MM warehouse sale. i got the carousel for $10. i was so stoked. and it looks lovely on my desk. dare i say, that i actually need more stuff to put in it? lol. i walked out of there with 4 items: the carousel, an album and 2 rubons/stickers. thats it. i know, crazy. i usually get ribbons and stuff, but i was on a strict budget that day, and it worked out. i dont feel like i missed out on anything great, except for maybe the slice, bc they had those for $99. oh well. maybe next year.

lets see..oh yeah. i scrapped. and i've been doing the LOAD at 2peas again. its nice seeing friendly and familiar faces there still. i hate that at sistv, i dont really recognize anyone anymore. so i guess 2peas will be my new/old home again. we'll see if i can keep up with the LOAD lol.
also, i got PSE 7..and i have no clue what i'm doing. i'm trying to get better at editing, but i'm not sure where to begin. I was okay with PSE 4, but its been about a year since i've used it..i've been just using Picnik, which is fine, but there are a ton of actions i'd love to put to i've been spending a lot of time online trying to find tutorials to help me along the way.
well, its nice out, so the kids are having otter pops and playing outside. think i'll go join them :)


Marissa said...

You do the most amazing layouts! You are so talented and creative. Wish I had an ounce of that in my body!! You are going to love PSE when you get use to it. I have PSE 6 and am still learning but I love it! I use it a ton for digital scrapbooking and photo editing but I think you just learn by trial and error. I finally broke down and bought a book called "The Missing Manual"... I'm not sure if there is one for PSE 7 yet but look it up on Amazon and read the reviews. It's a really helpful book! Love ya MO!

Chasity Grace said...

love the layout you did with our picture. im so glad i message you too. only sad i didnt find you when i still lived in utah. thanks for being a great friend!!!