Thursday, March 26, 2009


so i scrapped the other day. i've had this serious urge to ever since art and i rearranged my little scrap area. i sit here everyday and work, and whilst i'm working, i glance to the right..see the beautiful light streaming through my windows--gorgeous. and, it highlights all my thickers hanging on my clip it up! hahahahaha. i think thats the real reason i want to scrap, the thickers beckon me. and, can you believe that i actually used stamps on this damn thing? apparantly in the sunlight, i found out that i own a lot of stamps LOL. i'm sooo not a stamper, but i do like to collect them. theyre so pretty and hard to resist.

so, since i've been wanting to sb, it also makes me want new stuff---which is perfect timing bc the MM warehouse sale starts this saturday. i'm so there. i'm going in search of one of these:

the carosel. sigh..i've coveted this for years. i think the original i wanted was a pottery barn version. they do typically have these at the sales, but its still like $25, which is a lot of money for me to drop on 1 item. i'm a bargain hunter. last year, i got one of the rolling totes, it looks like this:

except mine is lime green. the inside is black with white polka dots. sooo freaking cute. anyways, i guess they retailed around $89-$199 depending on options and what all was inside. i got mine for $20!! thats the kind of deal i'm talkin about! the only unfortunate thing with the sale is that they really dont have any of their newer lines there. its mostly old foam stamps, paints, metal embellies--but they do have their ribbons for a good deal. so, i mostly go for tools and ribbons lol.
i think that might be enough ramblings for now..i'm off to find a new online home. i feel so weird posting my LO's at sis, or even at 2peas. i mean, i think i feel more at "home" at 2peas, bc i still recognize the ppl there, but i havent posted in the pub in over a year. the thing with sis, is that i like the notifications of my faves and when they post new LO's. i dont know what to do, but if i do start sb'ing more often, i defintely need to find somewhere. i feel homeless hahahaha. its like i became an online hermit. is that possible? lol.
anyways, happy greys day!

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Marissa said...

You are still my hero in the scrapbooking department! I wish I was creative. I've gotten into the digital stuff because Sophie can't get in to all of my stuff! It took me a week but I finally figured out how to change my blog background!! Woo hoo!!! Love ya!