Friday, March 20, 2009

day dreaming...

i havent been able to focus much lately. i blame the gorgeous spring weather utah is having :)
so, i've been window shopping online..and you know, its not easy being a fat girl and dressing cute/trendy/fashionable. far as B&M stores go, I can like shop at about 4: Target, Old Navy, Lane Bryant and Torrid. and come on, seriously? i'm only 30, and LB's stuff is just not my style. though i do get my undies there. torrid--I think they have *some* things i like, but again, not really my style. so that leaves Target and Old Navy. not a whole lot of selection. Why can't forever 21 sell my size? or urban outfitters? is the solution here really for me to stop being fat? LOL. maybe. but until then, I'd like to look i browsed around some places online, and i thought I'd share my spring wishlist :)
all of the clothes posted are plus size..just an fyi

**some of them i dont remember where i found, but i looked at alloy, delias,target, old navy, and etsy.

so..denim. my bestfriend. right now, i'm really loving skinny jeans. i know, i know. i swore i'd never wear them, but i actually love them--i dont think that they look too bad on me. found these ones at alloy i think--but old navy has cute ones too.

dark denim bermudas--actually, any kind of bermuda i'm really loving.

and love love the distressed roughed up look of these:

I found this tunic over at etsy..she has them in all different colors/designs. check out her shop:


love this back!

navy blue has been my secret love for the past 3 years--im so happy to see it popping up all over the place now. this is at old navy.

and my favorite staple: long lean tanks. perfect alone or layered. especially in this pinkish/salmon color. so hot.

again, with the grey..and some navy thrown in. found this at delias

this one is from a local retailer, but they have an online store as well. they have the simplest, easy going styles. i saw this dress on display at one of their stores, and i really really want it. like now. find them here : downeast basics

now for my favorite part of the list: accessories and shoes :)

i've been looking for a necklace like this forever. i'm not big on necklaces, but i love the simple, long design of this one. check out shopbop if you like it :)

these earrings i found at downeast basics, they were $5. no lie. i love them and wear them with everything. theyre a dark wood, i know you cant really tell in the pic.

these are my sunglass, they are jessica simpson--i think they are normally about $50, but i found them at TJ Maxx for $14.99 love a bargain :)
and these are earrings i've been looking for all over the place, and i wish i could find something like this locally.

a lot of the shoes that ive posted are going to be either Jessica Simpson or Fergie. and if they arent...then i dont know where i found them LOL. these ones are JS
i would wear these with some ripped up denim bermudas, and that yellow shirt up, and the feather earrings.
also JS.


*as a side note, i didnt even know she had shoes until yesterday. lol. but i love them :)

i would marry this color if i could. and i love juicy's leather purses. they are always so comfy on the shoulder

and this little gem i found at urban outfitters. love this brown carmel color. and the pockets.

okay, i think i'd better wrap up this post..its gotten awfully long and i didnt even post all the shoes/bags i love hehehe. but, i do still have to work maybe i'll post more next week :)
happy weekend!!

ps---i read an article in the LA times yesterday that forever 21 is coming out with a plus size line launching in May! can't wait for it!

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