Thursday, April 30, 2009


so, real life keeps getting in the way of all the things i'd rather be doing. work. play. work and play some more. so goes it, right?
little recap of the goings on here:

-maya is officially a redneck. just kidding. she just recently lost both of her top front teeth though, so she definitely resembles one lol. she even got to partake in a little photoshoot, highlighting such tooth loss, as witnessed above ^^
-olivia is doing great in school, sassy as ever. i swear that child is 25 and not 7, ha!
-art has been working lots, so i dont see him much, and when i do, hes usually preoccupied with his new BB 8900. happy early fathers day!
-i've been suffering from severe allergies, mostly in my eyes. its horrible. i've been taking allergy pills, as well as using drops. but still, its a PITA! i miss being able to wear eyeshadow without watery stains on it hahahaha. gross.
-here are some more pics of the photoshoot i mentioned before. tina in the same mommy group as i am, and she is just amazing! i loved watching her work with maya. anyways, here is her blog, definitely check her out if youre local to SLC.

this one of olivia and I, can I just tell you, bribing a 7yo is serious business! we tried bribing her with McD's, baskin robbins. nada. she wasnt interested in the least. finally she agreed to ONE picture, and it had to be with me. lame.
but, i have to say, she does look beautiful!

i'm off to get some work done, maybe. and hopefully to get my hair did. hehe.



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Marissa said...

Your girls are SO beautiful!! Oh my gosh, how they've grown!! The photos are great! Hope you are doing well!