Sunday, July 13, 2008

we did a little of this..

I played hookie from work on Friday, and decided to do a little of this instead:

Such a nice day to spend at the park..Maya even enjoyed it despite not being to get really, really wet. They climbed up the rocks and onto the the little 'canyons'. Shh..dont tell anyone, because they really arent supposed to do that, but no one seems to follow those directions. I think the water is too inviting to not climb into it.

Its been a quiet weekend around here, yesterday was Art's 37th bday. I really can't believe that it came and went so fast. We really didnt do much to celebrate, most of his family is in Mexico on vacation; so we had some takeout from the Other Place. Those that are local to SLC might/might not know about this little gem downtown--its by far the best Greek place I've ever been to; their chicken pasta salad is my favorite!

Not much to update about.. or maybe I'm just not feeling chatty.. though I am hoping to get some sbing done since its been on my mind the last few days.
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Myrna said...

MMMMMM The Other Place.......