Monday, June 30, 2008


So summer is officially underway around here; we celebrated olivia's 7th
birthday this weekend, and the theme was Hannah Montana. Up until the
party, or rather, the planning of the party, I had no idea that Olivia
liked Hannah so much. But now, its like someone puked Hannah all over my
house :hahaha:
I do have to say that she had great parties, and went home a very happy
Luckily she also got a pool, so I know we'll be spending lots of time in
the backyard..and hopefully not getting pooped on by all the birds!

Nothing more really going on here.. Just trying to decide what to do for
the 4th (please no one tell my children that Hannah will be here doing a
concert!). I think I'm still in the adjustment period of trying to get a
good sleep pattern. I still can't drag my ass out of bed before 10.
Ugh!! You'd think I'd have more will power, or at least louder kids!

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Denise said...

LOL! You are hilarious! I love the line about it looking like someone puked Hannah Montana all over your house. I feel the same way due to my niece's obsession with her. Ugh.

Kristii said...

She is sooo cute!! Sounds like she had a great time!! lol!!

Myrna said...

Looks like Olivia had a great birthday, I always remember her birth date :). The girls are getting so big. Can they come and live at our house?

Katie said...

Wow! Someone puked Hannah Montana all over your house. That is quite the description. I think we need some pictures Monica :)

Chasity Grace said...

sounds like the birthday girl had a great time. if you live here in tennessee she would love it. since miley cyrus is from here and been here filming her movie they talk about her almost daily on the news!