Monday, July 14, 2008

happy early birthday to me..

So, Saturday, Carolyn and I went to the farmers market downtown. It was really cool, as usual, but especially so since C had never been to it before. We got coffee, a ham and swiss croissant and a huge cinnamon roll to split. After walking around everything, oh, I dont know, maybe 4x each lol, I persuaded her to head to the Gateway to do some more walking around since it was so nice outside. Then I dragged her into forever 21, mostly because I dont feel right going in there alone because their clothes are waaaay too small for my butt. This way, if I'm in there with a skinny person, I dont feel so weird about it. Anyways, I was checking out purses while she was trying on sunglasses, when I happened upon this cutie:

Now, I've been in search of a cute, good sized purse ever since my car was broken into about a month and a half ago. The bastards took my ipod, my new Guess bag, along with my new Guess wallet. Grrr. Anyways, I just havent had the money to replace that bag with the one I really want--so when C saw how much I loved that pink one ^^ she decided it was perfect for an early bday present! I really do love it--its so roomy and comfy, and sits just right on my shoulder, which is mucho importante.

So, only 10 more days until I turn 30. I really dont know how I feel about it. Mostly strange I guess..I'm not exactly what I thought I would be at 30--which really, I guess is just grown up. I dont feel grown up, I dont feel like I have it all together like I thought I would. But really, thats okay. I'm not freaked out about it either. I mean, yeah, 30 is definitely not 25, but I'm so much better now than I was 10 years ago. I'm more me now, than I can ever remember, so thats what counts, right?


ricanlaw said...

Happy Birthday and by the way, my 30's were absolutely fantastic. Have a fun time and enjoy.

Chasity Grace said...

happy early birthday. :-)

and girl i totally relate to the taking a skinny friend to the skinny stores!!!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

Happy Birthday!

cute bag. 30 isn't so bad. i don't feel old, but after 8 years in the military doing all kind of crazy stuff, my body is beginning to tell me that it's old. ick.