Friday, February 23, 2007

whats new pussycat?

i really shouldn't have used that as the title, cuz now that is gonna be stuck in my head all day. lol.
i havent blogged lately. obviously lol. and um. ya.

whats new in my world::

got our taxes back, paid some bills and got some new toys :)
i needed a new printer/scanner cuz mine was just not doin it for me i got the hpc5180. and let me tell you--that is one sweet ass machine. its just rad. in fact, i'll tell you a little secret. i'm a little intimidated by it...dont tell art that lol. i mean. its just...i dont know. so much more technologically advanced than i am! it can print notebook paper, graph paper..and lots of other stuff--STRAIGHT FROM THE PRINTER. no computer involved. its rad. i mean. i'm gonna be printing mad amounts of graph paper on my kraft cs ;) can't wait. :D
oh, and i got the ATG. yep. i'm tired of all my layouts falling apart after having used duck. and i hated my tombow's getting all gummy. so i bit the bullet and got the gun. and right now its sitting on my table, waiting to be played hopefully tomorrow i can hop right on that. i cant wait to see how well it sticks, even tho i know there will be a learning curve since its much larger than what i'm used to.

and guess what else? i started doin digi! i really was afraid that i would never ever figure out PSE, but i did. and it only took me 2 hours to figure out that the tutorial in jan ck was a little off. lol. but after i figured that out, it was smooth sailing! and can i just say that i'm addicted to that too? i can definitely see some hybrids in my near future. so, to help with my new obsession, i bought an EHD to store all my digi stuff on. so yep. i'm locked and ready to roll!!


*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Dude, I said it then, I'll say it again, you are ROCKIN the digi! And if I were you, I wouldn't be telling anyone you just started. You have the talent of someone who's been doing this for years! And I'm not just kissing your ass! lol I never would have known you just started digi. Never!

I'm jealous, my PSC doesn't make that cool stuff.

Debbie said...

Have fun with your new printer/scanner. Can't wait to see your digi stuff and hybrid. :)

Keianna said...

Okay, so I looked at the LO first and thought, um that looks like digi, but it can't be. Then I read the post :-) Awesome job.