Friday, February 09, 2007

so i finally scrapped this photo of olivia and her redneck smile hehe. and i noticed after i was done how asian looking it is. art said its because i was channeling carolyn (who is japanese)..but the truth is, that in the picture olivia was wearing satin pajamas, and her hair was just so beautifully straight--and well it looked kinda asian to me. so there ya have it.

i just found out today that art doesn't have a day off till next thursday! oy. i dont know how he is going to make it! in the meantime, i'm having a little crop at my house on saturday, and then olivia and i are going to work on her valentines project for school. which happens to be a valentine holder. i wish i had thought about it earlier and then i could've gotten her something really cute to decorate. but um yea....i didnt. so, we are going to alter a cheese-its box! shes super excited and i think i might be a little bit too :)

so yesterday anna nicole passed away. that was surprising. really sad. really tragic. i feel for her daughter thats left behind. i dont want to speculate as to what i think happened, because really, does it matter? shes dead now, and deserves some respect. seems she didnt get much when she was alive..which also got me to thinking about a local news story. not because it was similar, but because 2 people recently passed away from a natural gas explosion. such a sad story--the local gas worker and the woman who owned the house were inside when it happend. it was such a strong explosion that it actually blew furniture onto the neighboring homes. appearantly the womans daughter who was 18 mos old was outside the home..and came away with only minor injuries. but man. that story really rocked me to my core. and so did annas. just the thought of leaving my kids not being there for them, to watch them grow very sad for those heart goes out to them.

didnt mean to get all bummed out on a fab friday..but thats what was on my mind :P


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

What a cute LO!!!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Dude, that house explosion was crazy! And such a weird thing, didn't they say that there was gas trapped in the basement? I mean, when set it off? Just the fact that they went in, or what? I mean, they didn't walk in and light up a pipe did they? Probably not. Scary! Gas is so scary! I think about things like that all the time. And then I have to force myself to think of something else, or I will drown in the what-ifs. You know?

Anyway, thanks for the compliment on my quilt! I tried to email you and it came back. Darling layout too!

iralamija said...

bonitos trabajos


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