Saturday, February 24, 2007

cute babyhat baby..hehe

here is the lo i did yesterday during ambers class over at poppy ink. i love love her style. and it was so fun to do something so different from what i do!

its been snowing most of the day here..yuck! i was all ready for spring and then stupid mother nature had to go and change her mind on me! grr!

so this weekend i dont have many plans besides getting all upclose and personal with my new ATG lol. i just barely put it together tonight, and man that sucker is huge, but it sticks like...well like glue! or at least how glue should stick :) i have a bunch of new goodies just beggin to be glued lol--some ac, some sass and some cosmo, so hopefully i'll be feeling my mojo make a reappearance tomorrow.

happy weekend to ya ;)


Lorrie said...

Great LO! Enjoy glueing everything down with your ATG. I saw a girl using one at the last crop I went to. That sucker is HUGE! I don't know if I could get used to using something that big! lol!

Katie said...

This is way to cute!!