Sunday, November 12, 2006

just relaxing

so i'm starting my xmas gifts/projects...i'm a little late starting them i think...we shall see if i can get them done!
i headed out to the AMM warehouse sale yesterday afternoon expecting huge long lines but i got lucky and was in and out in 30mins! here's what i got::
*tote-ally cool tote $10
*8x8 calendars $2.50
*rub ons $1
*couture ribbons $1
*couture composies $1

now, i went there soley for the calendars (xmas gifts) and the tote. cuz i really really really have been wanting the tote for a long time. so i got one and i'm happy. and i got the calendars. i just dont know why i had to get any of the other stuff..besides the fact that it was cheap! lol. i just dont have any self control at all!! lol.
so last night me and my friend decided it was time for a ladies night...
we head out to a local club/bar to shake our groove thangs. and i'm feeling pretty good ya know..looking forward to having some fun.
so we get there, they charge us an arm and leg to get in..and turns out
it was MILPH night lol. um..that stands for MOMS I WANT TO PHOTOGRAPH. lol. so these chicks did this calendar thingy..and all
the proceeds are going to the local womens shelter--which is awesome.
but these they looked tore up from the floor up! i mean, they all had implants(i'm so not exaggerating) and i dont have a problem with ppl having those at all. what i have a problem with is chicks with boobs hanging out all over--i mean they leave nothing to the imagination! the thing that i was thinking was sad is that they girls had amazing bodies..but their faces..oy. looked like they had been around the block a few too many times lol.. and the guys there were just freakin falling all over them. it was nasty to watch. lol.
anyways it was a good time..even with the milphs. lol.

now i'm just sitting here trying to relax and enjoy my last day as a sahm. tomorrow i start my part time job and i'm really excited. not really nervous because i used to work there so i know the ropes and all. i'm worried that i'm going to miss my kids. which is funny because at this very moment that i'm typing this...they are driving me batty! lol. ahh..motherhood!

yesterday i worked on some lo's for the calendars..but i havent scanned them. so i will leave ya with some lo's that i did with the scrapologie last month that i never got to post!


............Aimeslee said...

Very nice layouts. Yay for you for starting the holiday shopping/crafting. Maybe it'll spur me along.


Lynn Anne said...

ugh. The night out sounds great - the bar even sounds great (MAN could I use a girls night like that) -- but ugh on the competition or whatever it was. Glad to have missed THAT.

Great job on the calendars!! I'm waiting for the next EK warehouse sale 'round here...I think I might have missed one, It hought they were doing one in the fall. Doesn't sound like you lost TOO much control :)