Friday, November 10, 2006

i figured since its been a month since i updated that it was time that i update lol.

um lets see...i havent wanted to update because (1) i dont know if anyone reads this thing cuz i dont get many comments and (2) theres not been much going on in my little world as of late..but heres a tiny bit of what has been happening::

*i took about a month of scrappin hiatus. my mojo flew the coop. however, its now back..and i'm out of printer ink. go figure.

*art doesnt have to work nights until january! woo hoo. now, this probably doesnt seem like a big deal..but for the last 4 years he's been groggy at/on our annivesary,thanksgiving,mayas birthday and xmas. so yes, this is good news!!

*i just got a part time job---starts on monday and i can't wait! i'm mucho excited to pay some bills..and oh yea..get some scrappin goodness!!

*i was asked to be a guest designer at a newer scrapbook/paper keep your eyes peeled for that later ;)

so yep...thats pretty much the last month of my life in a nutshell. pretty damn boring if you ask me..but hey..its my life, i can call it boring :)

here are some recent scrappings::



*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

I READ! lol Of course I read! I don't always comment, but I read! Where did u get a job?

~Jamie said...

hehe at least you had layouts to go with your month since your last update updates! I just posted random ramblings! They are beautiful!

Lorrie said...

Glad to see your mojo is back. Great lo's and congrats on the DT!

Cammeron said...

Great lo's & Congrats!!!

Keianna said...

Congrats on the new job. More money for scrapping items :-) And congrats on your deisgn spot. Can't wait to see where it is.