Saturday, August 07, 2010


-shutting down this blog. do I or dont I? I dont update nearly as much as I used to. I mean to, but dont seem to make time for it. I like that I have had this blog for so long and I can go back and read old entries and pictures--and even better, I can read comments that my mom left forever ago. thank you internets for being so awesome!
-should I grow my hair out or keep it short. yes, I know this is a super important topic that you are all waiting with bated breath to hear about. I like short hair because I think its more flattering for my chubby face. and I like short styles. But then I think that I havent had long hair in a really, really long time. and then I ponder, self, maybe you're too old for long hair! is there a time frame for something like that? I dont mean long like to my butt crack. just to like my shoulders or a little past. hmm.
-do I look ghetto/stripper-esque with my zebra print acrylic nails? probably. not sure if I care or not though. I think I like them enough to do it again.
-why does my hairstylist refuse to call me back? I love her so and really dont want to find a new person.
-missing my crafty-ness. I think about it daily. and then move on to something else. sigh.
-on that note, I'm looking forward to Craft Lake City this month so I can oogle all the other people getting their craft on. and then be jealous of said crafting. and of course I'll say things like 'Ooh! I could totally make that!' and then never think of it again.
-feeling guilty because my dog is home alone all day. PS: the last job situation I mentioned did NOT last. so not surprised by that. I was the walking dead. on to greener pastures with just one job which I'm loving. so YAY (:
-sad that I dont really get to do BTS shopping. am I the only parent out there that actually LIKES buying new clothes and shoes for my kids? I mean, I do get to buy them new stuff, but its not cute in the least because they have to wear uniforms.. and olivia totally hates that. she is dying to to get some new trendy clothes. I could buy them anyway and she could wear them on the weekend. but thats so not the point.
-thinking about buying a new car and art and I just cant agree: car or truck?
I say car, because we would probably get better gas mileage from a car than a truck.
He says truck because then we could haul stuff around. (my thought: What stuff is this that needs hauling around?) I mean, we have somehow survived the last, I dont know, like 9 years without needing stuff hauled. And then he says what about when his mom needs stuff hauled? So then of course I counter with, 'You want to buy a truck in case your mom needs something moved?' LOL. see, this debate will never end.
**and this my friends, is the reason I am not sleeping at night. Well, okay. there are other things that I think about too. like I forgot to buy poptarts for the kids to have for breakfast. and that I need to get my dog a new chew toy for being so good all day. and what should we have for dinner for the rest of the week?  do the kids need laundry done? do I?
the stupid list never ends.