Monday, December 04, 2006

this ones for my mama

so i just got off the phone with my mama..had a good ole time just laughin our butts off. i miss those convos. too bad we can't have them
in person. seriously tho need to move back here cuz i'm here and so are my offspring. which are youre offspring. and we aint movin to south dakota. nuff said. :)

i told my mama to come here and check out this lo i did today..its a pretty simple one..but the journaling came about because of what i wrote in her thanksgiving day card. and yes. i just barely mailed her her thanksgiving card. i'm el procrastinator majorus. hehe.

so here's what the journaling says::
i was thinking the other day that i didnt have a lot to be thankful for. mom doesnt live near us, we are still struggling financially with no end in sight.. i question myself as a mother daily. but the truth is..i'm lucky. i'm lucky to have a mom who followed her heart. i'm blessed to have a husband who busts his butt everyday so we can have everything we need. we are lucky to have good friends. and i'm lucky that my kids want to tell me stories.

basically..i just realized that it doesnt matter if i live in a ginormous house(and really, do i want to? cuz i hate cleaning) and it doesnt matter if we have the biggest tv..or the newest car. what matters is family. and friends that are like family. i just realized a couple months ago that i'm all alone in this big state of utah. my mom moved to be with her one true love last year and i've been sitting here moping about. not that i begrudge her happiness. i dont. but i'm a selfish person. and i want her all to myself. i'm not ashamed to admit that. it just took me a year to realize that she's not dead, she's just in california! lmao. seriously tho. i'm thankful that she was brave and moved to be with the one she loved. and i just wanted her to know that. and i hope that one day my kids will follow her example.

love ya mucho mama.


ti said...

great LO. love the journaling and the overall sentiment. Inspiring!

kara jones said...

i love this layout! The journaling is so heartfelt!