Tuesday, November 28, 2006


so i have felt extremely lucky so far this fall/winter season..and the reason is because it hasnt snowed in the valley. now, typically, and i mean in the last 15 years i've lived here there has always been at least one snow storm by halloween. but not this year. nope. not a flake on my sidewalk. heck..some weekends it was 60 degrees. but today, today that was all over! ugh. dont get me wrong..i think snow is gorgeous but i hate walking in it..i hate driving in it. but mostly i hate walking in it. specially if i'm wearing heels. which just so happened to be the case today. and yep. i'm a clumsy gal...so of course i step on to the porch and slip. granted..i didnt fall. thank goodness for the screen door! lol.

no scrappy news from my neck of the woods..havent really had much time to scrap this last week with the holiday..and then the girls were sick. poop! and then when they started feeling better art and i started getting sick. figures, doesnt it? lol
so tomorrow is my last day of work till next week..and then i'm getting my scrap on!!

here is a meme i saw that looked like fun::
ten presents youre planning on buying
1. chocolate (duh)
2. perfume
3.cinderella something
4.snow white something
5.video games
6.lip gloss
8.gift cards

not a very specific list...but ya..i havent really thought much about xmas yet. which i should. but really what i need to think about is mayas birthday since its just a couple of weeks away! i can't believe my little papaya is going to be 4 already!! geez i feel old. check out this thinger::

monica is going to be reincarnated as...
A willow tree
'What will you be reincarnated as?' at QuizGalaxy.com

happy tuesday to ya!

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