Friday, December 11, 2009


-i tried to blog from my phone. had this nifty little app, thought it would save me time. i could blog in bed! while i'm making dinner! i thought, man, that would be rad. because then i could blog all the time. well, maybe not all the time, but more than 3x a year LOL
..but apparantly, it doesnt like me to try post photos. and i dont like blogging without them. i feel like my posts are way more exciting when there is something else to look at besides back to the drawing board, i guess.

-actually might send out xmas cards this year. maybe. my friend, katie, is responsible for this. did you know that you can do photo cards at walmart? who knew?? i mean, for the last 2 weeks i've been flip flopping on designs at picnik, as well as some i had for photoshop. but i just wasnt digging any of them. and then voila! her's arrived in my mailbox..and there ya have it. my cards are designed, easy peasy. so maybe, just maybe, you'll get one., you know, *if* i have your address, and *if* i actually can find my stamps. heres what it might look like if you do get one:

-oh, and i was definitely lazy about this. as if waiting until like 2 weeks before xmas to order cards is no indication..we didnt even have time to take a photo of all 4 of us, in the same pic, at the same time. yeah i know. i'm rad. dont hate. anyways, had to do a compilation of photos i already had..except for the one of me and art. do you know the last picture of art and i together is from about..i dont know, 4 years ago?? geez. and we've never taken a formal family photo either. yep. thats right. NEVER.

-also, related, is that i havent started xmas shopping. i mean, why do it now, when i can wait until the last 2 days. that way most of what my kids want is sold my choices are made for me, i just buy whatever is left! hahaha. totally kidding. i think i actually do a better job at last minute shopping, i think. and my kids are never disappointed. except maybe this year they might be. they both want DSi's. personally, i dont think they are responsible enough yet. i mean, i had a DS, and maya used to stand on it. yes, you read that right. opened up, STANDING on it. i'm not paying $179 for a STEP. hell no. i am contemplating caving and buying a Wii though. this way we can all play. oh, hell, who am i kidding? i'm so translucent, of course i just want it for me :) especially since they have that new 'old' mario out. and its 4 players, so see, maybe i'll play with the kids. if they're good. and they're room is clean. maybe.

anyways..thats all for me. i'm supposed to be working. ssssh. dont tell on me!

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Katie said...

You blogged!! YAY!! :) I was blogging today when I was supposed to be working too. lol! oh well.

I think those are cute Christmas Cards. YOu ought to send them out and be in the festive mood.