Monday, June 15, 2009


finally updating. i know. sorry its taken so long...but i'm a procrastinator extreme!

*we got a new doggie. her name is sugar, and she's a cocker spaniel. super loveable and sweet..and super teething. but shes great with the kids :)

*maya graduated from kindergarten! it was a really cute program, of which we missed most of due to other inconsiderate parents :P

*olivia is officially a 3rd grader! omg. where has the time gone??

*11 is the number of days until olivia is 8. shoot me now. i'm so ooooooold.

*working at home again, full time. shoot me 2x. because i'm now home with 2 kids, 1 puppy and i'm trying to actually work on top of that?? yeah..we'll see who actually survives the summer ahahahaha.

*sims3 now rules most of my free time. so rad.

*no scrapbooking lately. its too hard. its a hard time of year. everytime i just reminds me that she's gone. i have a hard time even wanting to photograph anything..making memories without her=heartbreaking :(

*blogging in list form is actually easier than forming real sentences. i must remember that the next time i update :)


p.s.... i apologize for the craptactular photos..i'm too damn lazy to edit them (see list above ^^ as to how i spend free time now)
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amy lapi said...

sooo super cute! :)

Katie said...

well it's about time you put some pictures of that dog on here. Geez!! Very cute puppy.

Kindergarted graduation huh? I think you should elaborate on the other "inconsiderate" parents. That could be another blog entry :)

Have fun working...I know I'm just having a blast with it!!

Kell said...

Oh ages its been since I have even read your blog or heck posted on mine! I loooooove your new doggie. Sugar is so darn cute. Hmmmm maybe a little jacket or sweater something for winter time for her?? I must get to sewing for that one. haha

Miss ya lots Do!