Monday, March 02, 2009

because I felt like it..

thought i would update this damn thing. i hate that it feels like a chore. but only because i feel a lack of words. i'm not sure what to update about. i'm lame. i live a pretty non-eventful least lately anyway.

so today, i've been awake a total of 3 hours, and i've cried for 2 of them. dont you love it when you just feel like you need to cry? thats what i've been feeling, so i watched P.S. I love you. that movie gets me everytime. so sweet, so sad, but perfect. plus its kinda dreary today, so i guess that kinda matches my mood too. Now I'm watching a comedy :)

last week i took the kids to the zoo, because it was their last free day of the year ( i think). It was a gorgeous day--and i took the kids right after school, so we only had a couple of hours to get around; luckily it was just enough time to see everything. i saw this peacock roaming was so pretty. and lately, i've been obessesd with i had to take a picture of it. i kinda wanted to pluck one off of it, but yeah, i didnt because that wouldnt be nice lol.

and here is one of the girls being their silly selves:

they are just growing up so fast. its killing me.. i mean, olivia reads on her own, like, big long chapter books..and maya is reading really well too. kinda makes me sad. I mean, i'm glad they are learning and all, but it just takes them one step closer to being grown. it makes me all sappy when i think about it, so lets move on :)

carolyn and i are taking off to vegas this coming weekend for a little girls only weekend. i cant freaking wait. i imagine we will be spending most of our time at sephora :) we dont have one here, the best we've got is Nordie's, which is fine and all, but a girl likes variety!

heres to hoping i will actually update more often. we'll see :p



Chasity Grace said...

hope you have a great girls weekend. im jealous!!!

It's me! Jocelynne B! said...

dude, that peacock wouldn't have let you close enough to pull a feather. i'm glad you didn't!

blogging isn't a chore! don't feel like that! just be yourself. you don't have to post about the stuff you do. i hardly do. you know?

love ya tons! have fun in vegas if i don't talk to you before that, ok?