Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good intentions..

I keep meaning to update, but then I somehow forget! Halloween was great at our house, the kids looked good and the weather was actually perfect! I think it was actually the first nice Halloween I've ever experienced since living in Utah. But get this, the girls got tired after about an hour! Can you believe that?? I swear,if its snowing and being all blizzard like they want to go all night, but if its a clear, cool night--forget it! Lol.. 

It was also the first holiday since my mom was hard for me. The kids didn't notice so much, but I missed hearing her gush over the girls' costumes. She always had a way of making every holiday, no matter how small, seem so magical and, just happy. Must be some magical mom thing I haven't inherited yet lol, because all I ever feel is stressed out! I'm really not looking forward to the next month.. :(

On to happier things, I've been scrapping lately. Not much, just some here and there. I actually even went to the LSS to see if I could buy some inspiration!  just picked up the happy camper line since I didn't see much else that was new, but that was good enough to spark me a little! I'll hopefully get some pages posted soon, just need to edit them a little. Oh, you should check out the ITAK blog, we're doing a giveaway this weekend!!




Chasity Grace said...

the girls were so cute! looking forward to seeing you thanksgiving. i'm starting to cave into the idea of us going to at least on LSS!!!

Katie said...

Cute girls Mo! I think it's too funny that they got tired after an hour. Think of you often sweetie :) Oh, and I tagged you on my blog. Nothing too exciting though ;)