Friday, March 14, 2008

so i remember, not so long ago, when i truly wished that i was busy. that i actually would have a reason to get up and get dressed. someplace to be. and now, i can honestly say, that i wish that i didnt have anywhere to be, or any reason to get up out of bed. about a month or so ago i took on a second job--so i'm rarely home besides the weekends. i'm so TIRED. but mostly, i miss having time to do things that i want to do. i'm never satisfied i tell ya!

so..i've had plenty to update about, just havent had the time. and i know that i was tagged by joce a little while back, so hopefully i can get to that this weekend. i really miss having the time to even comment on blogs! but i'm going to really try to get back in my groove :)

happy friday!
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Chasity Grace said...

i wish you weren't so busy! miss chatting with you friend. im going to be buying my plane ticket to slc soon!!!!

Anilu Magloire said...

I get you... :)
I love your little Mexicanita! I loved dressing mine up for school as a Mexican too. Adorable!