Thursday, December 28, 2006

thats gotta be a record!

olivia just lost her very first baby tooth yesterday! i was so surprised..she's been talking about wanting to have a loose tooth for about a month now, but i had reassured her (and myself, mostly) that it would be quite sometime before that happened.

well i was wrong! lol. she came up to me the day before yesterday and told me that she had a loose tooth, and i'm like no you dont! lol, then i checked, and it was!! i was so surprised. and then i was super sad. plus it kinda freaks me out to see and feel.

so last night she was watching art playing on the ps2, and she told him that her tooth fell out...and there it was, sitting on her tongue! thats gotta be a record! i mean, it took one stinkin day for it to come loose and then fall out! i remember being a kid and it seemed to take ages for my teeth to get super loose, and i dont remember them ever falling out on their own...mine always had to have a string tied to a doorknob. or maybe that was just my impatience to get the darn things out lmao.

anyways, olivia's smile is now one less tooth, and she is now one dollar richer thanks to the toothfairy!

i'll post some pics i took of her later!

hope everyones holiday were great...we are still trying to recover!


rani said...

HOw sweet! that should make for a great scarpbook page about the tooth fairy for sure!!!! Your blog is great!!! Love your style and work girl!!!!!

Deb said...

how lucky is that! It took my youngest's about 2 months to finally break loose. :)